About Us


We believe that every business meets a need and deserves a platform to showcase their works/services regardless of their size, be it big or small.

At howbro, we aim to make it easy for consumers to receive multiple quotations from a network of Service Providers within 24Hrs. Just send out 1 request and have it broadcasted to a large number of Service Providers with just a touch of a button, instead of spending hours on the internet searching and repeating your request over and over again to different Service Providers.

It all started with our Better Halves

There I was, sitting on the couch watching a movie and my spouse came over and started asking me to plan our baby girls birthday party as it was just a week away. We needed a cake, decorations, gifts etc. The list went on and on... Honestly I had trouble paying attention as it was a really good movie and there were a lot of things that needed to be planned in a short period of time.

Needless to say, I had to stop watching the show and spent the rest of the night scouring the internet looking for birthday cakes etc. It took me hours and tons of emails/whatsapps to various parties before turning in for the night.

It was after this episode that got me thinking, if we already had an easy way to get a cab with a touch of a button why can't we get connected to a Service Provider in the same way? I could just broadcast my request out and sit back and wait for the replies. That way, I could still plan my baby girls birthday party and finish watching my movie.

That is how the idea for howbro was born, out of a mans desire to finish watching a movie while maintaining his position as number one Dad to his girl. We all have things that we would rather spend our time on instead of searching for things on the internet. You can now do both, go do what you love and leave the rest to Bro.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our heart has always been to be a source of help to the community and we are collaborating with the following Social Enterprises to promote their works as beautiful wedding and baby shower favors: