Types Of Lawyers In Singapore And What They Do

For those who have stayed in the safe side of the law all their lives, the mere thought of lawyers can be a bit frightening.

Unfortunately, human life is so unpredictable. One moment you are on top doing fine and then the next you are needing a lawyer. That could be nerve-wracking for some.

To avoid this panic, it might be best if you learn about the types of lawyers and what they do. In this way, if the time comes that you will need a lawyer, you’ll know which type you need to look for.

Note that there are thousands of laws and there are lawyers that specialize on each of the laws that are implemented on the country where there are in. For the sake of this article, we will be tackling 10 of the most common types of lawyers in Singapore in alphabetical order.

Bankruptcy Lawyers

These lawyers are very crucial in the business world, they are those who have studied the legal matters that surrounds bankruptcy and debts extensively. Bankruptcy lawyers are one of the group of legal service providers that are considered most efficient in their fields. You can call a bankruptcy lawyer when you need to file a bankruptcy or you are defending bankruptcy.

Business or Corporate Lawyers

Another group of lawyers that were able to build an impeccable reputation for their outstanding services in Singapore are the business or corporate lawyers. When you are in the business world, every move you make from adding a partner, buying a share or just about anything, you’ll be dealing with contracts. For these instances, it is better if you call a lawyer so they can help you understand your contract better.

Civil Rights Lawyers

Not everybody knows what their rights are fully. Civil Rights Lawyers are lawyers who help citizens understand their rights. They also defend individuals in court who have been abused or are being abused. These lawyers can also be active in the defense of the LGBT rights and every human right related abuse case.

Criminal Defense Lawyers

This is the most popular type of lawyers. Even movies and TV shows portray more of this kind of lawyers than the others. These lawyers are involved in cases where their clients are being charges with criminal charges. They usually handles crimes as grave as murder up to the simplest ones like traffic tickets. They are crucial in any countries justice system because they are responsible for deciding how long a perpetrator will be punished.

DUI Lawyers

Driving under the Influence is a very common charge, may it be from alcohol or drugs. For those who are being charged with it, and if they are sure that they didn’t commit that crime, they can enlist help from DUI lawyers to help them get out of the sticky situation that they are in.

Employment Lawyers

Considered as one of the most active lawyers in Singapore, they handle a lot of cases that are associated with employee’s rights. Their cases can range from overtime dispute, compensation cases, discriminations, and wages. These lawyers are also involved in drafting benefits of employee’s with a company.

Divorce and Family Lawyers

In the legal industry of Singapore, divorce and family lawyers are considered the friendliest and most important type of lawyers. We all know that the family is the root of everything. A happy and amicable relationship will also result to a positive and successful business endeavors.

Immigration Lawyers

Singapore is a country of mix races. A lot of people from other countries go to Singapore to look for work and eventually get a citizenship. Immigration lawyers are knowledgeable about this field and they can help people who are having trouble with their citizenship and their immigration problems. As well as professionals who are looking for business citizenship.

Personal Injury Lawyers

Most people rely on their work to live. The salary they get from their work is usually the money that they use to survive their everyday lives as well as provide for their families. However, if unfortunately, one meets and accident that prevents him from continuing work, then what will happen to the family and the other dependents? This is where personal injury lawyers come in. They make sure those who meet accidents will be well compensated for the damage done to them.

Real Estate Or Property Lawyers

Everywhere you go, the real estate industry seem to be booming. But along with it comes the rise in dispute cases involving tenants and landlords, also land owners and buyers. In some cases, their knowledge in the real estate ins and outs have also already helped people with disputes versus their neighbors.

Hope this list was able to help you determine what kind of lawyer you need, or will need if ever the need arises. The next thing you have to know is where to find them.

There are several channels or avenues where you can find lawyers that can help you with what you need. Choose here and decide which one will be the best for you.

Someone you know – If you are lucky, you already might know a lawyer or know somebody who does. You can start there and ask for some referrals for some lawyers that they know.

Online forums – Online forums can also be a channel for you to find your lawyer, sometimes, people post about their good experiences with lawyers, you can also get referrals there.

LinkedIn or Google – If you are feeling lucky, you can go directly on websites where lawyers showcase their skills and history. You can contact them to ask for a quote or you can research more about them if they have past reviews and the like.

Find a lawyer service – There are services like HowBro that can help you get quotes from the lawyers that you need and are interested in helping you. You only need to tell them what you need and wait for the quotes to arrive in your inbox.

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