How To Prepare For A Lawyer Consultation

Being in a situation where you need a lawyer is nerve-wrecking enough. Having to finally meet one to discuss your situation can be more unnerving.

Some people fall into the procrastination trap because of this fear. Remember, if you are getting into something for the first time, it pays to be prepared. In fact, the more prepared you come, the easier and the faster the whole ordeal will be, and you may even impress the lawyer in the process. Plus, the earlier you deal with it, the earlier it will get solved.

Here are some of the things you have to note when you are preparing for a lawyer consultation.

What you should know

Read everything that you have to know about the lawyer. Don’t worry, you don’t have to know everything, you can also ask the lawyer some questions when you meet.

Free Consultation

You need to know if your lawyer gives the initial consultation for free as a promo, or if he asks for a reduced fee. If he offers it for free, it should be clearly stated on his advertisement.

Fee Structure

Some lawyers asks to be paid per project, per hour or they just have a flat fee. You need to know how you are going to pay the lawyer if you decide to hire him.

What the lawyer should know

Aside from the documents, there are factors that your lawyer should know, for him to be able to understand you properly, and to help you further.

Personal Information

You have to be ready to provide the lawyer with all your identity documents, for him to be able to help you properly.

Financial Information

The lawyer should also know about all you assets, liabilities, accounts, investments. This is especially if your case include these factors.

Concerns and Risks

Do you have any health risks or concerns that your lawyer should know? Do you have a pending bankruptcy declaration, or pending cases.

What you should bring

As mentioned above, coming prepared will make the process easier and faster. Instead of having to reschedule or coming in for a second consultation just because you are missing one document.


All the documents pertaining to your personal identity and information might be needed by the lawyer, as well as all the documents and proof that you need to support the case that you’ll be consulting to him.

Pen and Paper

Always have a notebook and paper ready in case you have an important note to jot down. Bringing an electronic counterpart like a tablet, is also acceptable as long as you are able to write well on it while listening to your lawyer.


After the consultation, the lawyer will need the consultation fee. You should already be bringing the cash, check or credit card that you will use to pay for him.

How you should act

Acting appropriately is also a key for your consultation to succeed. Remember, first impressions last. You may not feel obliged to impress you lawyer, but if the lawyer finds you likeable, then you can expect more dedication from him.


Make sure that you are 10-15 minutes early and ready before your set meeting time. Being prompt will give an impression that you respect the lawyer’s time.

Dressed Professionally

You don’t have to dress formally, just look presentable and formal enough to show the impression that this meeting is important to you.


Tell your lawyer everything even if it is embarrassing. Remember that everything you tell the lawyer will be confidential. He is not going to talk about it to anyone even his wife. Being completely honest will help the lawyer get a clear understanding of how your situation really is.

Eager To Listen

In the first consultation, most likely, the lawyer will do all the talking. He will tell you what he thinks about your situation, what you need to do next, what other similar cases he already handled. You have to listen eagerly. Don’t just nod and pretend to listen.

What you should ask

Remember that during the first consultation, you haven’t hired the lawyer yet. So aside for you answering all questions, you also have the right to interview your lawyer, to help you decide if you will indeed hire them after all.

Here are some questions that you need to ask, you can also list other questions that you may have.

  • How long have you been a lawyer?
  • Have you handled similar cases like mine in the past?
  • What were the outcome?
  • How long did they take to solve those cases?
  • How much do you think should I expect to pay from today until the end?

What you should expect

After the consultation, you should not end the meeting without having a clear expectation of what will happen next. You need to have a clear plan of action when you leave the meeting place or the lawyer’s office.

What to do next

Ask the lawyers what you should do next. Are there anything that he can advice for you to be able to solve the case faster. Are there things or actions you should avoid while the case is ongoing?

What documents to prepare

In case you decide to avail his services, ask him what you should prepare for your next meeting. Ask when you should be meeting next and what documents should you be bringing.

Remember that your first consultation with your lawyer should not be as nerve-wrecking as you think. You just have to know what you should expect and what should be expected from you. From there, you can relax and focus on listening to your lawyer as he helps you deal with your case.

Another note is that, you don’t have to feel obliged to hire the lawyer just because you had your first consultation. Just like in the medical field, you are completely free to get a second or even third opinions from other lawyers before finally deciding to hire then lawyer that you think can help you most.

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