Tasks That Cleaning Services Should NOT Do

There are times in our lives that we become too overwhelmed with everything that we have to do, especially house chores. Aside from the fact that the chores don’t seem to lessen, they also tend to grow every day until you can’t even get a thing done.

This is where you have to consider hiring help for the things you can’t fit into your schedule anymore. House chores that are simple and repetitive are best left to household cleaners. But with the mountains of chores that you have to keep your house clean, which are the tasks that you can get help with and which ones are best done by you or your housemates?

Here is a list of some chores or tasks that your household cleaners should never do.

Clearing up before the actual cleaning.

We all know that before we start cleaning, we need to pick up all the toys or things that are scattered on the floor, we need to remove everything that can be an obstacle once we start cleaning. These are not to be done by your helpers. You need to “prime” your house before your cleaners come. If there are toys scattered or furniture that is overturned, pick them up and fix them. The cleaners can then proceed to the actual cleaning right away.

Sort Laundry

Some cleaners do not include the laundry in their usual service. But if you do require help with the laundry, just tell the cleaners beforehand so you can talk about the fee, as this will require more pay for their usual service. If you require the cleaners to clean the laundry, you should never ask them to sort your clothes. Before your cleaners come, you should sort the laundry so they can concentrate and proceed to launder your clothes right away.

Climbing and Heavy Lifting

Any task that requires your cleaner to climb ladders or furniture is not allowed, as well as those tasks that require them to lift something heavy. Your cleaners are there to clean, not to do some construction works. Aside from that, letting them do these kinds of tasks will just heighten their risk of having accidents. This will be an expensive casualty for you and of course, you wouldn’t want to hurt your cleaner, right?

Personal Errands

You are hiring cleaning service providers to clean your house, you are not hiring a personal assistant. Therefore, limit the tasks that you’ll have them do that is only inside your home. You should never ask your cleaners to do your grocery or to fetch your kids, or even to send packages as your messenger. There are other people to hire for these tasks. Keep your cleaners’ tasks within the scope of cleaning your house.

Cooking and Add-ons

Cleaners are not cooks. You should not ask them to cook your meals for you. If you want to invite them to eat while they are working for you, you can, but don’t ask them to cook. You should also never ask them to do add-ons that are not on the initial checklist that you agreed upon. For example, you ate lunch and spilled juice on your tablecloth, it is not your cleaner’s job to clean that as it is not on the initial list. Other add-ons include pet accidents, kiddie spillage and other “accidents” that occurred while your cleaner is already there.

Human and/or pet discharge

Although these are considered cleaning, your cleaners should never be forced to clean human or pet discharges are there are specialized service providers that are trained to do these kinds of tasks. Your cleaners may not be trained to do these kinds of tasks unless you specifically noted it on your checklist.

These are just suggestions on what you can exclude in your cleaning list. But remember that in your initial setup with your cleaner’s company, you’ll be provided with a checklist and package deals that you can choose from.

From their usual packages, you can opt to add services or exclude some, depending on your preference and lifestyle. Another tip is to be clear on everything that you want to be done. If it is your first time to hire a cleaner, tell them, so they can help you better.

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