10 Reasons You Need A Lawyer

There are times that you should have a lawyer, not because you are in a trouble and just want to escape, but to establish a relationship with him before things go bad. Just think of it, it is like having a family doctor. You don’t need to have a hard time finding or searching for a doctor if you are sick. You can just go to him whenever you are in need. It actually helps you save effort and your precious time.

Here, we laid out 10 reasons why you should have a lawyer to call when you need it. But before that, let’s refresh our minds with the two types of legal first.

Criminal Law – In this type, this is where crimes belong such as theft, robbery, murder, arson, embezzlement, or anything that is against the rules of the government.

Civilian Law – This is where quasi-contracts and civil wrongs belong. The common examples of this are defamation, personal injury, negligence, medical malpractice, and fraud.

10 Reasons You Need A Lawyer

1. Unpleasant Divorce/Separation

Basically, couples don’t need to get a lawyer if there are no complications in their divorce. On the other hand, they need an attorney if they have an issue to resolve such as in assets, savings, debt, support, and investments.

If you happen to be married and you are planning to get a divorce, then consider getting a lawyer now. Just be practical enough to avoid some horrible circumstances. You may not know if your husband/wife will be vindictive or not.

2. Unjustifiable termination in the job

Being fired for a job without a good reason really can happen. It can be that you are discriminated because you differ to them in terms of culture, nationality, appearance, etc. In this situation, get a lawyer to bring your suit in a court. Aside from he knows your case, you can also have a defense to the other party assuming that they also have one that can protect their name and company.

3. Legal Dispute

You need an attorney if someone sued you and will result in a great loss of your assets such as money and property. Perhaps the person who sued you have a lawyer, so you should also have so that your case will be handled appropriately. But if you are willing to accept the maximum charge, you can choose to not have a legal practitioner.

4. Injured in a car accident

Perhaps you are injured in a car accident and you have no fault at all, then consult a personal injury lawyer. Never talk to the representative of an insurance company. It’s common that the representative will come to settle your claim. But just leave it to a legal adviser as he knows more about the compensation rates.

5. Criminal charges

It is terrible to face a criminal charge. Somehow you may not know what are your rights being an indicted person. Whether you are guilty or not, you need a legal adviser right away for you to have a defense.

6. Wills or trusts

Legal issues and disputes may happen in your family after you die. So, it is advised for you to have a will with a counselor to prevent it. Your will should be constantly changed especially if you have a new inheritor like your child. Also, one’s condition is likely to change, so changing a will regularly is better.

7. Starting up a business

If you plan to start up a business, consider having a lawyer. Whatever business form you will build whether you plan on doing it all by yourself, with a partner, or a corporation, it is a must-have. Never organize and settle all the legal requirements alone. It is for your own good so that you and your business are protected. Just be sure that the lawyer you hired is an expert in business laws.

8. Bankruptcy

It is scary to file for bankruptcy. But in case you think that you need to do it, make sure that you consulted first an attorney. He will then help you determine if you really should file for it. He will help you manage your situation. In addition, there’s a lot of documents needed in filing it. With a lawyer, it can be done without the risk of failing to report a needed information.

9. Drug Charges

Having a private lawyer on drug charges is far better than having a public defender. It’s because the latter is overloaded with cases. He might just suggest for you to plead guilty.

10. Drunk Driving

You can be charged greatly when you drive while you are under the influence or intoxicated. Some possible charges are fines, imprisonment, license suspension, or any combination of the said charges. However, these charges can be reduced or dropped with the help of an experienced lawyer in this case, especially when it is your first time to do this kind of violation.

It’s great to have a lawyer today to get ready for something horrible that will happen to you in the future. Especially when you can afford to have one as it is for your own safety and security.  Remember that no one of us knows what will be going to happen tomorrow. Being prepared beforehand then is much better.

Reasons You Don’t Need A Lawyer

Even so, there are also reasons why you don’t need a lawyer. Examples are:

1. Small-claims court

Small-claims court is usually done without the need of a lawyer since it just involves a small sum of money.  Some examples of this are unpaid debts, property damage, landlord and tenant disputes, business disputes, fraud, defective products, and accidents. Take note that this is appropriate only to Civilian law and not to Criminal law.

2. Traffic Violation

If you happen to break traffic laws, you can just pay the fine then that’s it. Unless your violation exceeds the limit and might result in your suspension, then having a lawyer will help you to reduce your violation. Your penalty will just be reduced to paying a fine.

3. Nolo Contendere/Pleading Of No Contest

If someone sued you but you neither want to admit that you are guilty nor want to have a defense, then you really don’t need a lawyer. You also have the option to appear or not appear at all. But take note that choosing it will mean that you accept the charges that the prosecutor will give.

Getting a lawyer is always up to you. But you should really consider having one so that you are more secured and avoid some future complications. However, there are circumstances that you don’t need a legal adviser.

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